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Thomas nana Amanfi Simmons

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Meet my brother in 1978 my first trip to Ghana I sat at the back of STC reading ROOTS on arrival didn’t have idea where my family house is in cape coast and he came to my rescue took care of me until he reunited me with my family I meet his then girlfriend,on my return to the U.K. he came shortly on his onward journey to Texas university we spent a fantastic six weeks in London I bet him if he can eat two BigMac I bet him fifty pounds the company just came early 70s he lost we all always have a great laugh when we meet took him to his first CHELSEA game he was proud BLUE I miss him so much fabulous brother and a man life will never be the same for me on opening my restaurant in Accra he was so happy for me always wanting to help Miss you more the words can explain
Thomas Nana Amanfi Simmons