Peterkin Kyei-Mensah

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Anytime I come across these words: Selflessness, humility, patience and generosity Baboo will come to mind; because you were a true reflection of such words.

I thank God for the privilege of having you as a Boss, a role model and eventually a father. At a point I referred to you as the ‘morale booster’ because you made anyone that came in contact with you felt very good, inspiring hope and making people feel they are the best ever.

I do remember the very first day I met you , yeah it was at Azmara restaurant, I loved you from that day till your unfortunate demise. Everything you told me that day is still fresh in my mind.

My encounter with you gave me a different impression about life. Daddy you were indeed a humble soul, a noble man with the heart of gold. I thank God that I had the opportunity to be with you throughout your last 14 days of your stay here on earth, where I ceased the opportunity to pay my dues and expressed my love as a son.That experience will be a story for someday.

I’m very grateful and will forever be for impacting my life. Your legacy will continue like a baton handed over to Usain Bolt.

Rest well Daddy. #TEAMBABOO